Main works

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Project status

Tempa Rossa

Preparatory work for the oil field called “Tempa Rossa”.

655 Bradanica road: lot “La Martella”

The works consist in building the last lot of the S.S. (state road) 655 “Bradanica” linking Matera with Foggia.

96 Barese road: Toritto-Modugno

Works are to modernise, with adjustment to section III C.N.R., including the Palo del Colle variant for an extension of around 9.0 km; with a 19 metre paved platform.

Brindisi Airport

Air-Side area expansion works at Brindisi airport

597 road: Sassari-Olbia lot 1

Realization of Sassari-Olbia section 1.

16 Adriatica road: Molfetta/Giovinazzo

Connecting roads between trunk road 16 “Adriatica” and the coastal road south of Giovinazzo in proximity to the junction with the provincial road from Giovinazzo to Bitonto.

100 road: Sammichele di Bari/Gioia del Colle

The road works concern the functional completion of and the implementation of security measures for the “Gioia del Colle” trunk road No. 100 between kilometres 7+200 and 44+500.

Molfetta Commercial Port

Construction bridge linking South-West.

Train line Novoli-Gagliano

The planned works envisage the present train line to be covered with soil, for the stretch between km 0+200 and km 1+441.

291 “della Nurra” road: lot 2

The project is the completion of the rapid connection Sassari – Alghero – Fertilia Airport, in proximity to the intersection with the old trunk road 291.