Aleandri S.p.A. has grouped together all the experience, skills and know-how of two historical companies based in Puglia, Giuseppe Rossi srl and Ines S.p.A.

The former, founded in the mid 1950s, specialised in road works, airport runways and local real estate development. Giuseppe Rossi srl was a symbol of rebuilding in the period after World War II and played an important role in modernisation of both the town of Bari and the whole Puglia region. The latter, founded towards the end of the 1960s, was an important part of the Italian road, rail and industrial infrastructure segment.

Ines S.p.A. was well known for its large engineering and top level technological innovation works applied to the industrialisation of construction systems for bridges, viaducts and industrial buildings.

Aleandri S.p.A. has assimilated the entrepreneurial dynamism of these two companies, inherited their awareness of historical changes and their push towards research and technological innovation, contributing to the area’s professional and employment growth.

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