Code of Ethics

Managers and employees of Aleandri S.p.A. and of the other Entities (Companies, Consortia, Joint Ventures) of the Aleandri Company (“Managers and employees”) are the main recipients of this Code of Ethics.

Therefore they need to comply with the principles and the standards of conduct set out therein, informing daily corporate conduct.
In no case can the pursuing of the interest of the Company justify a conduct that is contrary to the applicable law and to the rules of this Code.

The Code of Ethics is in fact a means to provide assurance and reliability, safeguarding the assets and reputation of the Company.
Everyone who collaborates in various capacities (partners, suppliers, service providers, consultants, etc.) with the Aleandri Company is obliged to respect the regulations of this Code of Ethics with regards to the sections that are relevant to them.

The relevant bodies ensure that the Code of Ethics is respected by all recipients.
The rules contained in this Code of Ethics supplement the conduct that Employees are obliged to follow also in compliance with the rules of ordinary diligence which employees are obliged to follow, governed by the regulations concerning employment relations.